Outsourcing Helps You Expand

In today’s world, the word outsourcing is often viewed in a negative light. The phrase, “Don’t let other people take our jobs!” comes to mind with many people. However, outsourcing certain business aspects can have some huge benefits for you and your company.

For example, outsourcing product storage to a warehouse leaves you with more space in your basement, garage, or wherever your goods are being kept. If this warehouse also offers order fulfillment and distribution services, even better. With them taking care of fulfillment, that’s one less things you have to worry about. All you have to do is make sure the warehouse has enough stock to cover all of your orders. It may cost a little more to get someone else to do these things, but in the long run, you’ll appreciate not having to do everything yourself.

More storage space means that you can now meet the demand of all of your customers in an efficient and timely manner. You can also spend all of your extra time attracting more customers, which is never a bad thing for an up-and-coming business. Have you been thinking about ways to improve your product? Well, now you actually have the time to make it happen.

Though outsourcing may sound like a bad thing at first, it will greatly help your business in the long run.

“Warehousing Might Help, But My Business Is Very Small…”

If you are a small business owner, ask yourself these questions: Do I have inventory? Is the climate in my garage harmful to my product? If you answered “yes” to either of these, chances are, you are in need of warehousing.

Surely the first thought in your head was, I can’t afford to build a warehouse! Well, you don’t have to. Outsourcing your warehousing needs can be both easy and cost-effective. Multi-million dollar corporations have the means to build and employ their own warehouses, while small businesses do not have that opportunity.

Most third-party warehouses are designed to suit the needs of small businesses. Some even offer custom pricing to fit each of their customers. They will also do what is most important and useful to your company: manage inventory. This could range from fulfilling orders to packaging to handling returns. Many are equipped with the latest inventory management software to make these processes quick and easy.

If you let the warehouse handle these things, all you have to worry about is attracting more customers, and if possible, improving your product.

Another plus: you can park your car in the garage again.


How Do I Choose the Right Warehouse for My Company?

Whether you are a small, start-up company or a multi-million dollar corporation, finding the right warehouse to fulfill your needs is one of the biggest decisions you can make for your business. There are three main characteristics to keep in mind during your search: 3PL services with custom rates, an efficient Warehouse Management System, and a location that best fits your needs as well as those of your customers.

Firstly, a great way to save time and money is by choosing a warehouse that provides Order Fulfillment services, as well as Third Party Logistics (3PL). For smaller companies, this can be even more helpful. Finding a warehouse that provides these services allows you to focus on attracting customers and improving your product. Many warehouses are now offering custom rates based on exactly what your company needs. Rather than choosing a “cookie-cutter” package with a fixed price, you will only be billed for services you take advantage of (not for the ones that you will probably never use).

Another thing to look for when picking your warehouse is finding one that utilizes a high-tech Warehouse Management System, or WMS. This system is vital for communication within and between the different work stations in a warehouse. The software keeps track of inventory, picking, shipping and everything else to keep the warehouse running smoothly and efficiently. This system allows the warehouse to process your orders quickly and get them shipped as early as the same day. The best WMS systems are those that are designed for a specific warehouse. The software programmers know exactly how the warehouse operates, so they can configure the WMS accordingly.

One last, yet major, attribute to look for is warehouse location. If your customers are primarily based in one area, then a warehouse in or near that area would be ideal. Your customers may be spread across the country, therefore, a centrally located warehouse is probably the best choice. If operating in the United States, keep in mind that there are many shipping hubs (FedEx, UPS, etc.) which are located near the middle of the country. Choosing a warehouse near these hubs would be great for getting your product to customers quickly.

When choosing a warehouse, keep an eye out for custom 3PL services, WMS systems, and ideal location. Sometimes choosing a warehouse with low prices may sound like the right idea at the time, but choosing one with these services will ultimately save you time and money.

A Big Thank You!

Hey, I have wanted to write this for the past few weeks to just let you know that you guys have been and continue to be the bomb to work with.  I know I’m just a smaller customer, but I always feel like I’m your biggest customer which says everything about how you treat people.  Just love working with you guys and wanted you to know that and tell you how much I appreciate the way you handle things for me!!

Craig Wolfe

Express 1 Warehousing & Fulfillment, LLC Announces Growth Expansion

Additional 30,000 sq ft distribution facility acquired to meet unprecedented warehousing and order fulfillment demand.

Express 1 Warehousing & Fulfillment, LLC announces it will be expanding its warehousing and order fulfillment operations into an additional facility. This facility will be located in Russellville, KY and will be equipped with the latest Warehousing Management Technology (WMS) to accommodate new and existing customer requirements.

July 2012 is target date to be fully operational.



Montgomery MBA, General Manager for Express 1 states, “It’s a true blessing to see our company grow at this rate.

Our team has done a fantastic job of servicing existing customers and creating an environment that additional companies want to be part of. This area is ideal for our industry and I feel Express 1 can really have a positive impact on the local community going forward. ”

Express 1 brought new Sales Manager/Business Development, Shannon O’Neal, on board in October of 2011. Shannon comes to Express 1 with 22 years of Sales Management expertise in domestic and international warehousing and transportation logistics. Shannon states “Express 1 is experiencing a season of phenomenal growth and I feel blessed to lead the sales and business development of this amazing adventure! I knew from the onset this company had all of the keys for great success; engaged and supportive owners, loyal and dedicated staff, and the resources for industry leading technology.”

Express 1 Customer, Craig Wolfe, President and Owner of CelebriDucks states “Our company was voted one of the top 100 gifts by Entertainment Weekly, featured on The Tonight Show, CNN, CBS Evening Magazine, and hundreds of other media outlets with our line of Celebrity Rubber Ducks. As we’re constantly working with some of the top celebrities, film studios, Fortune 500 companies, and major TV and print media around the world, it’s imperative that we partner up with a warehouse/fulfillment operation that is not only geared to our future growth, but has the current capacity to handle our day to day needs. That’s why we chose Express 1. We’re currently bringing the whole rubber duck industry back to America where it was invented and Express 1 will always be there to handle all our needs!”

The new 30,000 sqft facility will be operated in addition to the 75,000 sqft warehousing facility already operated in Russellville, KY.

For additional information contact:

Shannon O’Neal or J. P. Montgomery
Express 1 Warehousing & Fulfillment, LLC
Ph# 270-725-8887
Email: soneal@express1warehouse.com
Website: www.express1warehouse.com

Headquartered in Russellville, KY, Express 1 Warehousing & Fulfillment, LLC is led by a team with veteran experience in the Logistics, Software, and Customer Service industries. Established in 2000 as a 5,000 SqFt storage facility, Express 1 has grown to multiple locations with over 175,000SqFt of available warehouse space.

The Express 1 Team

Mission Statement

Express 1′s mission is to provide a service experience to our customers that exceed their greatest expectations through living out our core values every day.

Core Values

  • Humble Beginnings~treat every customer as though they were the 1st if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link79″).style.display=”none”;} and only customer we have
  • Be truthful and honest in all matters
  • Be fair to all parties concerned
  • Build goodwill and friendships with our internal/external customers and our community
  • Provide a safe, respectful and caring work atmosphere for all employees
  • Uphold integrity and moral values in all circumstances

"I Want My Garage Back!!!” The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Online Store

If you’re selling or managing items online, welcome to the world of E-commerce business.

To be relevant in this industry, you need to be both competitive and organized as these two factors can make or break your model. If you’re currently handling the distribution of your products or managing an online store, you understand the complexities and time constraints involved. Picking orders, shipping inventory, managing customer service, and marketing your company are critical elements that are very time consuming.

Outsourcing these operations via 3rd party provides a justified solution that more companies are utilizing.

By outsourcing your online store to an order fulfillment center, you save time, increase space capacity, cut overhead costs, and achieve your organizational solution. These 3rd party order fulfillment experts handle logistics, inventory control, shipping, pick-packs, customer service, etc.

Order tracking and delivery confirmation can be automated to your customers with a WMS (Warehouse Management System) that includes real time reporting. Many warehouse management systems offer integration via CSV. File format, shopping carts, and companies with EDI requirements.

Outsourcing saves you money on packaging, shipping, inventory management, and additional overhead costs. The key is to have an order fulfillment center that delivers to your customers in a timely fashion. Unless your customer base is solely located in one region, a centralized location makes the most sense. This allows unlimited flexibility as your customer base grows nationally.

A complete and professional order fulfillment service solves the logistic puzzle. Consider outsourcing these puzzle pieces and use the extra time and money to focus on expanding and growing your online store or business. It’s also the most efficient way to get your garage levitra pure if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link104″).style.display=”none”;} back!!!

5 Essential Order Fulfillment Methods That Are Helping Ecommerce Companies With Holiday Shipping

A recent study by Accenture shows that 59% of online consumers will do their holiday shopping online this year, and that most will be spending more carefully and precisely.

This holiday season is going to be one of the most competitive shopping seasons with more online choices and resources available to shoppers. In re-evaluating and making strategies for an efficient and successful holiday season, Ecommerce companies must consider shipping and order fulfillment as a priority.

Many customers view shipping promotions, rates, and delivery times as key factors in choosing where to shop and what to buy. Online viagra online shop uk Retail and Internet accessibility allows customers to be very selective, as they’ll be shopping smart, feasible, and early.

Businesses are concerned with keeping customers happing, staying competitive, and increasing sales and profit margins.

Below are five essential order fulfillment methods Ecommerce companies should implement with their holiday shipping strategies that will help attract and retain customers:

1. Fast & Free Shipping: The best way to attract and retain customers is by developing holiday shipping promotions that include FREE or discounted freight options. If a free shipping option is not sustainable financially for your company, consider a discounted shipping promotion for a limited time (short-term). Other options include offers based on purchase size or special discounts for buyers in certain locations. These promotions should be offered and promoted before the season peaks. Primary dates include Black Friday, Free Shipping Day, and Cyber Monday.

2. Viewable Rates & Prices: Your shipping rates and prices should be easy to identify and accurate. You have to manage and meet customer expectations. In order to keep customers happy, they need to believe they’re getting a good deal (discount) or value for their purchase.

3. Timely & Transparent Shipping: Customers want to the ability to track their orders and expect delivery as promised. Re-evaluate your strategies and results of previous holiday seasons to identify areas of improvement. If you’re shipping direct and cannot keep up with holiday demand or shipping promises, consider outsourcing to a warehouse or order fulfillment facility in other locations. There are tremendous benefits with outsourcing your order fulfillment that includes cost savings (overhead), efficient shipping/delivery times, and critical time saved from daily operation demand. Going 3rd party allows additional time for improving marketing strategies and increasing sales.

4. Win Repeat Business: Make shipping personal and include package inserts, such as messages about their package. Add extra complementary items, coupons, or information to the package. Encourage their affection for your product and company. Always remind customers where they can buy more of your product or services.

5. Order Fulfillment & Inventory Management: Whether shipping direct or outsourcing your order fulfillment, your shipping process should be automated to eliminate errors and maximize productivity. Explore WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) options that fit your company needs. Most WMS options include Freight Reporting, Inventory Updates, and Order Data. There are also WMS options that customize to fit your company needs.

Become an Expert In Your Industry With Express 1 Warehousing & Fulfillment

Let Us Store & Ship Your Product Hassle Free

Express 1 Warehousing & Fulfillment, LLC was established in 2000 and offers complete warehousing and distribution services for manufacturing, industrial, retail, freight, international, and start-up industries.

Headquartered in Russellville, KY, Express 1 is centrally located to ensure cost efficient delivery options. Established in 2000 with 5000 square feet of warehouse space, Express 1 has grown to exceed 175,000 square feet of FDA approved warehouse space.

Express 1 specializes in a variety of services that include E-commerce order fulfillment, distribution, storage/warehousing, inventory management, call center services, assembly/kitting, 3rd party logistics, etc.

Our Warehouse Management Software (WMS) allows Real-Time inventory analysis with buy viagra in canada shipping reports, order tracking, inventory volumes, shelf life tracking, and custom data to fit your every need.

With over 50 years of service and management experience in the warehousing/distribution industry, our personal and reachable staff is committed to saving our clients time and money in shipping, handling, storing, customer service, and distributing products. We allow our customers to focus on increasing sales and business growth. We value our clients as family and work hard to enable them to be as competitive and successful as possible. When you call Express 1, you’ll talk directly with one of our valued staff members (no automated messaging).

We’re starting a blog to share authentic and reliable content that applies to all areas of our industry, and the industries of our clients. Express 1 seeks to provide answers, tips, advice, discussion, insights, and first hand experiences that can help readers in becoming more successful and efficient in their business and business practices.

This is a platform to engage and share among all businesses. We welcome and encourage any constructive feedback, questions, or personal insight of success and failure in response to our blog posts. Please feel free to comment on each posting so we can create productive dialogue between you, other businesses, and even your potential clients.